CMSIS-Driver Implementations  Version 2.6.1
MCU independent device driver implementations and template files of the CMSIS-Driver API specification
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Driver Implementations

The ARM::CMSIS-Driver Pack contains implementations of CMSIS-Flash drivers for the following devices:

Driver Description
AM29x800BB Flash interface for Parallel NOR Flash AM29x800BB. This product is discontinued.
AT45DB641E Flash interface for SPI Serial DataFlash AT45DB641E.
AT45DB642D Flash interface for SPI Serial DataFlash AT45DB642D.
M29EW28F128 Flash interface for Parallel NOR Flash M29EW28F128.
M29W640FB Flash interface for Parallel NOR Flash M29W640FB.
N25Q032A Serial NOR Flash. Device info.
S29GL064Nx2 Flash interface for Parallel NOR Flash S29GL064N.

Multiple Driver Instances

CMSIS-Driver API supports multiple driver instances. The Flash drivers are implemented within a single C module and several driver instances of the same type can be used in a project as follows:

  • Add the first driver instance to the project. In IDEs with CMSIS-pack management support this can be done from the Run-Time Environment (RTE).
  • Create a copy of the driver's .c file with a different file name and add it to the project. This will be the second driver instance. For example, copy AT45DB641E.c file as AT45DB641E_2.c.
  • Copy the driver's .h file to the project or add the driver's folder to the compiler include search path.
  • Specify the driver parameters for the second instance based on the hardware design. For example, in AT45DB641E_2.c the values for the flash driver number and SPI driver number need to be configured as shown below:
    #define DRIVER_FLASH_NUM 1
    #define DRIVER_SPI_NUM 1
  • Now both Flash instances can be accessed from the application. For example:
    #include "Driver_Flash.h"
    /* Flash driver instances */
    extern ARM_DRIVER_FLASH Driver_Flash0;
    extern ARM_DRIVER_FLASH Driver_Flash1;
    #define flash0 (&Driver_Flash0)
    #define flash1 (&Driver_Flash1)