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The documentation for the Inventek ISM43362 can be found here:

Flashing a different firmware to ISMART43362-E Shield

The ISMART43362-E Shield has two options to communicate with the underlying target hardware: UART and SPI. By default, the module is flashed with the firmware for UART communication. To enable SPI communication, follow these steps to flash the module:

Prepare the hardware

  • Set the power supply jumper on ISMART43362-E to connect 5V_USB and 5V_BOARD.
  • Set the SW3 switch to position 1 (factory default position).

Prepare the software

  • Download and extract it locally.
  • Download eS-WIFi_Demo
  • Unzip the file and install the application on your PC.
  • Start es-WiFi Demo and select Menu - Install Drivers and install both, CYW9WCD1EVAL1 and BCM9WCD1EVAL1:
  • Connect the ISMART43362-E to the PC using the Mini-USB connector. In Device Manager, you should see WICED USB Serial Port (COMx).
  • If not already done, assign a low COM port number.
  • In the es-WiFi Demo application, execute:
    • Go to Setup - Serial Port - Configure/Open:
    • Check the follwoing settings (Serial Port being the one added just now):
    • Go to Menu - Firmware - Update:
    • Select the binary image file extracted in the first step (ISM43362_M3G_L44_SPI_C6.2.1.7.bin). Make sure it is an SPI firmware variant:
  • After the firmware is updated, the console will show the message "Resetting...":


    You can now disconnect the module from the PC as it contains the new SPI firmware.

    If you want to flash a different firmware later, please visit Inventek's Firmware page for the latest binary files.

Firmware version ISM43362_M3G_L44_SPI_C6.2.1.8 is not supported!


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