CMSIS-Driver Implementations  Version 2.7.2
MCU independent device driver implementations and template files of the CMSIS-Driver API specification
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The documentation for the Renesas DA16200 can be found here:

DA16200 FreeRTOS SDK Firmware Image v3.2.3.0 (or newer) is required. Firmware image and programing instructions "DA16200 DA16600 FreeRTOS Getting Started Guide" are also available on the above web site.


The documentation for the Inventek ISM43362 can be found here:

Flashing a different firmware to ISMART43362-E Shield

The ISMART43362-E Shield has two options to communicate with the underlying target hardware: UART and SPI. By default, the module is flashed with the firmware for UART communication. To enable SPI communication, follow these steps to flash the module:

Prepare the hardware

  • Set the power supply jumper on ISMART43362-E to connect 5V_USB and 5V_BOARD.
  • Set the SW3 switch to position 1 (factory default position).

Prepare the software

  • Download and extract it locally.
  • Download eS-WIFi_Demo
  • Unzip the file and install the application on your PC.
  • Start es-WiFi Demo and select Menu - Install Drivers and install both, CYW9WCD1EVAL1 and BCM9WCD1EVAL1:
  • Connect the ISMART43362-E to the PC using the Mini-USB connector. In Device Manager, you should see WICED USB Serial Port (COMx).
  • If not already done, assign a low COM port number.
  • In the es-WiFi Demo application, execute:
    • Go to Setup - Serial Port - Configure/Open:
    • Check the follwoing settings (Serial Port being the one added just now):
    • Go to Menu - Firmware - Update:
    • Select the binary image file extracted in the first step (ISM43362_M3G_L44_SPI_C6.2.1.7.bin). Make sure it is an SPI firmware variant:
  • After the firmware is updated, the console will show the message "Resetting...":


    You can now disconnect the module from the PC as it contains the new SPI firmware.

    If you want to flash a different firmware later, please visit Inventek's Firmware page for the latest binary files.

Firmware version ISM43362_M3G_L44_SPI_C6.2.1.8 is not supported!


The documentation for the Espressif ESP32 can be found here:


The documentation for the Espressif ESP8266 can be found here:


The documentation for the WIZnet WizFi360 can be found here:

The latest firmware images are available on GitHub: Instructions on how to flash the firmware onto the device can be found on the WIZnet Wiki: