CMSIS-Driver  Version 2.8.0
Peripheral Interface for Middleware and Application Code
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SAI Configuration

Specify Transmitter/Receiver configuration. More...


 SAI Mode
 Defines Transmitter/Receiver mode.
 SAI Synchronization
 Defines Transmitter/Receiver synchronization.
 SAI Protocol
 Defines Transmitter/Receiver protocol.
 SAI Data Size
 Defines data size in bits (per channel/slot).
 SAI Bit Order
 Defines the bit order.
 SAI Mono Mode
 Defines mono mode.
 SAI Companding
 Defines companding.
 SAI Clock Polarity
 Defines clock polarity.
 SAI Frame
 Defines frame.
 SAI Slot
 Defines data slots.
 SAI Master Clock Pin
 Defines MCLK pin.
 SAI Master Clock Prescaler
 Defines MCLK prescaler.


Specify Transmitter/Receiver configuration.

Configuration is specified by ORing ARM_SAI_CONFIGURE_x with the following parameters:

Additional configuration specified by arg1:

Additional configuration specified by arg2: