Compute Library
Acl.hpp File Reference
#include "arm_compute/Acl.h"
#include <cstdlib>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

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Data Structures

struct  ObjectDeleter< T >
 Construct to handle destruction of objects. More...
struct  ObjectDeleter< AclContext >
struct  ObjectDeleter< AclQueue >
struct  ObjectDeleter< AclTensor >
struct  ObjectDeleter< AclTensorPack >
struct  ObjectDeleter< AclOperator >
class  ObjectBase< T >
 Object base class for library objects. More...
class  Context
 Context class. More...
struct  Context::Options
 < Context options More...
class  Queue
 Queue class. More...
struct  Queue::Options
 < Queue options More...
class  TensorDescriptor
 Tensor Descriptor class. More...
class  Tensor
 Tensor class. More...
class  TensorPack
 Tensor pack class. More...
struct  TensorPack::PackPair
 Pack pair construct. More...
class  Operator
 Operator class. More...
class  Activation




#define ARM_COMPUTE_IGNORE_UNUSED(x)   (void)(x)
#define OBJECT_DELETER(obj, func)


using ActivationDesc = AclActivationDescriptor
 Operators. More...


enum  StatusCode {
  Success = AclSuccess, RuntimeError = AclRuntimeError, OutOfMemory = AclOutOfMemory, Unimplemented = AclUnimplemented,
  UnsupportedTarget = AclUnsupportedTarget, InvalidArgument = AclInvalidArgument, InvalidTarget = AclInvalidTarget, UnsupportedConfig = AclUnsupportedConfig,
  InvalidObjectState = AclInvalidObjectState
 Status code enum. More...
enum  Target { Cpu = AclCpu, GpuOcl = AclGpuOcl }
 < Target enum More...
enum  ExecutionMode { FastRerun, FastStart = AclPreferFastStart }
enum  TuningMode { Rapid = AclRapid, Normal = AclNormal, Exhaustive = AclExhaustive }
enum  DataType {
  Unknown = AclDataTypeUnknown, UInt8 = AclUInt8, Int8 = AclInt8, UInt16 = AclUInt16,
  Int16 = AclInt16, UInt32 = AclUint32, Int32 = AclInt32, Float16 = AclFloat16,
  BFloat16 = AclBFloat16, Float32 = AclFloat32
enum  ImportType { Host = AclImportMemoryType::AclHostPtr }
 Import memory types. More...


template<typename E , typename SE >
constexpr E as_cenum (SE v) noexcept
 Convert a strongly typed enum to an old plain c enum. More...
template<typename SE , typename E >
constexpr SE as_enum (E val) noexcept
 Convert plain old enumeration to a strongly typed enum. More...
template<typename T >
bool operator== (const ObjectBase< T > &lhs, const ObjectBase< T > &rhs)
 Equality operator for library object. More...
template<typename T >
bool operator!= (const ObjectBase< T > &lhs, const ObjectBase< T > &rhs)
 Inequality operator for library object. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ARM_COMPUTE_IGNORE_UNUSED (   x)    (void)(x)

Definition at line 39 of file Acl.hpp.


#define OBJECT_DELETER (   obj,
template <> \
struct ObjectDeleter<obj> \
{ \
static inline AclStatus Destroy(obj v) \
{ \
return func(v); \
} \

Definition at line 75 of file Acl.hpp.

Definition: AclTypes.h:50