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CLGEMMHelpers.h File Reference

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 Copyright (c) 2017-2021 Arm Limited.


std::pair< GEMMLHSMatrixInfo, GEMMRHSMatrixInfo > configure_lhs_rhs_info (unsigned int m, unsigned int n, unsigned int m0, unsigned int n0, unsigned int k0, unsigned int v0, unsigned int h0, bool lhs_interleave, bool rhs_interleave, bool lhs_transpose, bool rhs_transpose, bool export_to_cl_image=false)
 Configure GEMMLHSMatrixInfo and GEMMRHSMatrixInfo. More...
std::pair< GEMMLHSMatrixInfo, GEMMRHSMatrixInfo > select_lhs_rhs_info (std::pair< GEMMLHSMatrixInfo, GEMMRHSMatrixInfo > info_img, std::pair< GEMMLHSMatrixInfo, GEMMRHSMatrixInfo > info_buf, unsigned int n, unsigned int k, unsigned int b, DataType data_type)
 Select GEMMLHSMatrixInfo and GEMMRHSMatrixInfo. More...
void update_padding_for_cl_image (ITensorInfo *tensor)
 Update padding required to export the OpenCL buffer to OpenCL image2d. More...
Status validate_image2d_support_on_rhs (const ITensorInfo &tensor_reshaped_info, const GEMMRHSMatrixInfo &rhs_info)
 Utility function to validate the image2d OpenCL object support on the RHS reshaped matrix. More...