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ClFusedKernelGraph.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  ClKernelFusionGroup
 A const view of a subgraph of the ClKernelGraph to be fused together. More...
struct  ClFusedKernelGraph


 Copyright (c) 2017-2022 Arm Limited.


std::vector< const ClKernel * > traverse (const ClKernelFusionGroup &group)
std::vector< const ClKernelFusionGroup * > traverse (const ClFusedKernelGraph &graph)
std::vector< ClKernelFusionGroup * > traverse (ClFusedKernelGraph &graph)
std::pair< Status, ClFusedKernelGraph > init_fusion_graph (const ClKernelGraph &kernel_graph)
Status fuse (ClFusedKernelGraph &fused_kernel_graph)
Status generate_store (ClKernelBlueprint &bp, const ClFusedKernelGraph &fused_kernel_graph, const ClKernelFusionGroup &fg)
Status generate (ClWorkload &workload, const ClWorkloadContext &ctx, const ClFusedKernelGraph &fused_kernel_graph)