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ClWorkload.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  ClKernelArgDescriptor
 Describes all the info required to add a kernel argument at run time. More...
struct  ClExecutionDescriptor
 Descriptor containing information required to run a single ClWorkload. More...
struct  ClKernelCode
 Contains kernel code to be compiled and run in a ClUnitWorkload. More...
struct  ClWorkloadTensor
 A descriptor of ClWorkload Tensors. More...
struct  ClUnitWorkload
 The basic atomic unit in a ClWorkload. More...
struct  GpuInfo
 GPU information for ClWorkloadContext. More...
struct  ClWorkloadContext
 Context (device capabilities, platform details) associated with a ClWorkload. More...
struct  ClWorkload
 Workload for Cl backend. More...


 Copyright (c) 2017-2022 Arm Limited.


using ClKernelArgList = std::map< int, ClKernelArgDescriptor >


enum  ClKernelTensorArgType : int {
  Scalar, Vector, Image, Image_Reinterpret_As_3D,
  Image_Export_To_ClImage2D, Image_3D, Image_3D_Export_To_ClImage2D, Tensor_3D,
  Tensor_4D, Tensor_4D_t_Buffer, Tensor_4D_t_Image
 Verbose and explicit way to enumerate all the tensor arguments variants used by all kernel implementations. More...


Status build (ClWorkload &workload, const OperatorGraph &op_graph, const ClWorkloadContext &ctx)
 Build a ClWorkload from an OperatorGraph. More...