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Convolution3d.h File Reference

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 Copyright (c) 2017-2022 Arm Limited.


bool is_valid_pixel (int i, int min, int max)
template<typename T , typename TW , typename TB , typename std::enable_if< validation::is_floating_point< T >::value &&validation::is_floating_point< TW >::value &&validation::is_floating_point< TB >::value, int >::type = 0>
void convolution3d (const SimpleTensor< T > &in, const SimpleTensor< TW > &weights, const SimpleTensor< TB > &bias, SimpleTensor< T > &out, int i_offset, int w_offset, int b_offset, int o_offset, int xi, int yi, int width_in, int height_in, int depth_in, int width_weights, int height_weights, int dilation_x=1, int dilation_y=1, int filter_id=0)