Compute Library
GPUTarget.h File Reference
#include "support/Traits.h"
#include <string>

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Data Structures

struct  enable_bitwise_ops< arm_compute::GPUTarget >
 Enable bitwise operations on GPUTarget enumerations. More...


 Copyright (c) 2017-2021 Arm Limited.


enum  GPUTarget {
  UNKNOWN = 0x101, GPU_ARCH_MASK = 0xF00, MIDGARD = 0x100, BIFROST = 0x200,
  VALHALL = 0x300, T600 = 0x110, T700 = 0x120, T800 = 0x130,
  G71 = 0x210, G72 = 0x220, G51 = 0x230, G51BIG = 0x231,
  G51LIT = 0x232, G52 = 0x240, G52LIT = 0x241, G31 = 0x242,
  G76 = 0x250, G77 = 0x310, G78 = 0x320, TODX = 0x330
 Available GPU Targets. More...


const std::string & string_from_target (GPUTarget target)
 Translates a given gpu device target to string. More...
GPUTarget get_target_from_name (const std::string &device_name)
 Helper function to get the GPU target from a device name. More...
GPUTarget get_arch_from_target (GPUTarget target)
 Helper function to get the GPU arch. More...
template<typename... Args>
bool gpu_target_is_in (GPUTarget target_to_check, GPUTarget target, Args... targets)
 Helper function to check whether a gpu target is equal to the provided targets. More...
bool gpu_target_is_in (GPUTarget target_to_check, GPUTarget target)
 Variant of gpu_target_is_in for comparing two targets. More...