Compute Library
MLGOParser.cpp File Reference
#include "src/runtime/CL/mlgo/MLGOParser.h"
#include "arm_compute/core/Log.h"
#include "src/runtime/CL/mlgo/Utils.h"
#include <sstream>

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 Copyright (c) 2017-2022 Arm Limited.


#define CHECK(parser_expr, valid_var)
#define CHECK_DEFAULT(parser_expr, valid_var, default_val)
#define FAIL_WITH_MSG(valid_var, pos, msg)
#define FAIL_WITH_MSG_DEFAULT(valid_var, default_val, pos, msg)
#define LOG_TOKEN_POS(tokens, pos_var)


enum  ComparatorType { Enum, Num, Var }


void advance (CharPosition &pos, char ch)
void rewind (CharPosition &pos)
void end (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
bool bool_val (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
int int_val (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
unsigned int uint_val (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
float float_val (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
std::string text_val (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
bool accept_text (TokenStream &in, const std::string &c_str, bool take=true)
void expect_text (TokenStream &in, const std::string &str, bool &valid)
bool accept_l_list (TokenStream &in)
void expect_l_list (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
bool accept_r_list (TokenStream &in)
void expect_r_list (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
ConditionalOp conditional_op (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
void gemm_version (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
void ip_type (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
void header (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
DataType data_type (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
ComparatorType comparator_type (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
HeuristicType heuristic_type (TokenStream &in, bool &valid, bool take=true)
void expect_heuristic_type (TokenStream &in, HeuristicType expected_ht, bool &valid)
GEMMType gemm_type (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
GEMMConfigNative gemm_config_native (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
GEMMConfigReshapedOnlyRHS gemm_config_reshaped_only_rhs (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
GEMMConfigReshaped gemm_config_reshaped (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
void gpu_priority (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
void gpu_behavior (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
void free_vars (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
void heuristics_table_entry (TokenStream &in, MLGOHeuristics &h, bool &valid)
void heuristics_table (TokenStream &in, MLGOHeuristics &h, bool &valid)
Condition condition (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
void heuristic_tree (TokenStream &in, MLGOHeuristics &h, bool &valid)
MLGOHeuristics mlgo (TokenStream &in, bool &valid)
std::pair< bool, MLGOHeuristics > parse_mlgo (std::istream &in)
 Parse and construct a MLGOHeuristics from input stream. More...

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#define CHECK_DEFAULT (   parser_expr,