Compute Library
NEElementwiseUnaryLayer.h File Reference
#include "arm_compute/core/Error.h"
#include "arm_compute/core/Types.h"
#include "arm_compute/runtime/IFunction.h"
#include <memory>

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Data Structures

class  NEElementwiseUnaryLayer< op >
 Basic function to perform unary elementwise operations. More...


 Copyright (c) 2017-2023 Arm Limited.


using NERsqrtLayer = NEElementwiseUnaryLayer< ElementWiseUnary::RSQRT >
using NEExpLayer = NEElementwiseUnaryLayer< ElementWiseUnary::EXP >
using NENegLayer = NEElementwiseUnaryLayer< ElementWiseUnary::NEG >
using NELogLayer = NEElementwiseUnaryLayer< ElementWiseUnary::LOG >
using NEAbsLayer = NEElementwiseUnaryLayer< ElementWiseUnary::ABS >
using NERoundLayer = NEElementwiseUnaryLayer< ElementWiseUnary::ROUND >
using NESinLayer = NEElementwiseUnaryLayer< ElementWiseUnary::SIN >