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TypePrinter.h File Reference

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 Copyright (c) 2017-2022 Arm Limited.


inline ::std::ostream & operator<< (::std::ostream &os, const Target &target)
 Formatted output of the Target. More...
inline ::std::ostream & operator<< (::std::ostream &os, const NodeType &node_type)
inline ::std::ostream & operator<< (::std::ostream &os, const EltwiseOperation &eltwise_op)
 Formatted output of the EltwiseOperation type. More...
inline ::std::ostream & operator<< (::std::ostream &os, const ConvolutionMethod &method)
 Formatted output of the ConvolutionMethod type. More...
inline ::std::ostream & operator<< (::std::ostream &os, const FastMathHint &hint)
 Formatted output of the FastMathHint type. More...
inline ::std::ostream & operator<< (::std::ostream &os, const DepthwiseConvolutionMethod &method)
 Formatted output of the DepthwiseConvolutionMethod type. More...