Compute Library
Types.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  GraphConfig
 Graph configuration structure. More...
struct  NodeIdxPair
 NodeID-index struct. More...
struct  NodeParams
 Common node parameters. More...


 Copyright (c) 2017-2023 Arm Limited.


using GraphID = unsigned int
using TensorID = unsigned int
using NodeID = unsigned int
using EdgeID = unsigned int
using Activation = arm_compute::ActivationLayerInfo::ActivationFunction
 Constant TensorID specifying an equivalent of null tensor. More...


enum  Target { UNSPECIFIED, NEON, CL, CLVK }
enum  EltwiseOperation {
  Add, Sub, Mul, Max,
  Div, Min
 Supported Element-wise operations. More...
enum  UnaryEltwiseOperation { Exp }
 Supported Unary Element-wise operations. More...
enum  ConvolutionMethod { Default, GEMM, Direct, Winograd }
 Supported Convolution layer methods. More...
enum  DepthwiseConvolutionMethod { Default, GEMV, Optimized3x3 }
 Supported Depthwise Convolution layer methods. More...
enum  FastMathHint { Enabled, Disabled }
 Enable or disable fast math for Convolution layer. More...
enum  NodeType {
  ActivationLayer, ArgMinMaxLayer, BatchNormalizationLayer, BoundingBoxTransformLayer,
  ChannelShuffleLayer, ConcatenateLayer, ConvolutionLayer, DeconvolutionLayer,
  DepthToSpaceLayer, DepthwiseConvolutionLayer, DequantizationLayer, DetectionOutputLayer,
  DetectionPostProcessLayer, EltwiseLayer, FlattenLayer, FullyConnectedLayer,
  FusedConvolutionBatchNormalizationLayer, FusedDepthwiseConvolutionBatchNormalizationLayer, GenerateProposalsLayer, L2NormalizeLayer,
  NormalizationLayer, NormalizePlanarYUVLayer, PadLayer, PermuteLayer,
  PoolingLayer, PReluLayer, PrintLayer, PriorBoxLayer,
  QuantizationLayer, ReductionOperationLayer, ReorgLayer, ReshapeLayer,
  ResizeLayer, ROIAlignLayer, SoftmaxLayer, SliceLayer,
  SplitLayer, StackLayer, StridedSliceLayer, UpsampleLayer,
  UnaryEltwiseLayer, Input, Output, Const,
 Supported nodes. More...
enum  MemoryManagerAffinity { Buffer, Offset }
 Backend Memory Manager affinity. More...


constexpr TensorID NullTensorID = std::numeric_limits<TensorID>::max()
 Constant NodeID specifying an equivalent of null node. More...
constexpr NodeID EmptyNodeID = std::numeric_limits<NodeID>::max()
 Constant EdgeID specifying an equivalent of null edge. More...
constexpr EdgeID EmptyEdgeID = std::numeric_limits<EdgeID>::max()