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Operator class. More...

#include <Acl.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

StatusCode run (Queue &queue, TensorPack &pack)
 Run an operator on a given input list. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectBase< AclOperator_ >
 ~ObjectBase ()=default
 Destructor. More...
 ObjectBase (const ObjectBase< AclOperator_ > &)=default
 Copy constructor. More...
 ObjectBase (ObjectBase< AclOperator_ > &&)=default
 Move Constructor. More...
ObjectBase< AclOperator_ > & operator= (const ObjectBase< AclOperator_ > &)=default
 Copy assignment operator. More...
ObjectBase< AclOperator_ > & operator= (ObjectBase< AclOperator_ > &&)=default
 Move assignment operator. More...
void reset (AclOperator_ *val)
 Reset object value. More...
const AclOperator_get () const
 Access uderlying object. More...
AclOperator_get ()
 Access uderlying object. More...

Detailed Description

Operator class.

Operators are the basic algorithmic blocks responsible for performing distinct operations

Definition at line 758 of file Acl.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ run()

StatusCode run ( Queue queue,
TensorPack pack 

Run an operator on a given input list.

[in,out]queueQueue to scheduler the operator on
packTensor list to be used as input
Status Code

Definition at line 768 of file Acl.hpp.

References AclRunOperator(), and ObjectBase< T >::get().

Referenced by arm_compute::test::validation::TEST_CASE().

769  {
770  return detail::as_cenum<StatusCode>(AclRunOperator(_object.get(), queue.get(), pack.get()));
771  }
AclStatus AclRunOperator(AclOperator op, AclQueue queue, AclTensorPack tensors)
Eager execution of a given operator on a list of inputs and outputs.
Definition: AclOperator.cpp:31

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