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PadStrideInfo Class Reference

Padding and stride information class. More...

#include <Types.h>

Public Member Functions

 PadStrideInfo (unsigned int stride_x=1, unsigned int stride_y=1, unsigned int pad_x=0, unsigned int pad_y=0, DimensionRoundingType round=DimensionRoundingType::FLOOR)
 Constructor. More...
 PadStrideInfo (unsigned int stride_x, unsigned int stride_y, unsigned int pad_left, unsigned int pad_right, unsigned int pad_top, unsigned int pad_bottom, DimensionRoundingType round)
 Constructor. More...
std::pair< unsigned int, unsigned int > stride () const
 Get the stride. More...
bool padding_is_symmetric () const
 Check whether the padding is symmetric. More...
std::pair< unsigned int, unsigned int > pad () const
 Get the padding. More...
unsigned int pad_left () const
 Get the left padding. More...
unsigned int pad_right () const
 Get the right padding. More...
unsigned int pad_top () const
 Get the top padding. More...
unsigned int pad_bottom () const
 Get the bottom padding. More...
DimensionRoundingType round () const
 Get the rounding type. More...
bool has_padding () const
 Check whether this has any padding. More...

Detailed Description

Padding and stride information class.

Definition at line 647 of file Types.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PadStrideInfo() [1/2]

PadStrideInfo ( unsigned int  stride_x = 1,
unsigned int  stride_y = 1,
unsigned int  pad_x = 0,
unsigned int  pad_y = 0,
DimensionRoundingType  round = DimensionRoundingType::FLOOR 


[in]stride_x(Optional) Stride, in elements, across x. Defaults to 1.
[in]stride_y(Optional) Stride, in elements, across y. Defaults to 1.
[in]pad_x(Optional) Padding, in elements, across x. Defaults to 0.
[in]pad_y(Optional) Padding, in elements, across y. Defaults to 0.
[in]round(Optional) Dimensions rounding. Defaults to FLOOR.

Definition at line 658 of file Types.h.

661  : _stride(std::make_pair(stride_x, stride_y)),
662  _pad_left(pad_x),
663  _pad_top(pad_y),
664  _pad_right(pad_x),
665  _pad_bottom(pad_y),
666  _round_type(round)
667  {
668  }
DimensionRoundingType round() const
Get the rounding type.
Definition: Types.h:742

◆ PadStrideInfo() [2/2]

PadStrideInfo ( unsigned int  stride_x,
unsigned int  stride_y,
unsigned int  pad_left,
unsigned int  pad_right,
unsigned int  pad_top,
unsigned int  pad_bottom,
DimensionRoundingType  round 


[in]stride_xStride, in elements, across x.
[in]stride_yStride, in elements, across y.
[in]pad_leftPadding across x on the left, in elements.
[in]pad_topPadding across y on the top, in elements.
[in]pad_rightPadding across x on the right, in elements.
[in]pad_bottomPadding across y on the bottom, in elements.
[in]roundDimensions rounding.

Definition at line 679 of file Types.h.

683  : _stride(std::make_pair(stride_x, stride_y)),
684  _pad_left(pad_left),
685  _pad_top(pad_top),
686  _pad_right(pad_right),
687  _pad_bottom(pad_bottom),
688  _round_type(round)
689  {
690  }
DimensionRoundingType round() const
Get the rounding type.
Definition: Types.h:742
unsigned int pad_top() const
Get the top padding.
Definition: Types.h:731
unsigned int pad_right() const
Get the right padding.
Definition: Types.h:726
unsigned int pad_bottom() const
Get the bottom padding.
Definition: Types.h:736
unsigned int pad_left() const
Get the left padding.
Definition: Types.h:721

Member Function Documentation

◆ has_padding()

bool has_padding ( ) const

Check whether this has any padding.

Definition at line 748 of file Types.h.

Referenced by CpuIm2ColKernel::configure(), and CpuPool2dAssemblyWrapperKernel::validate().

749  {
750  return (_pad_left != 0 || _pad_top != 0 || _pad_right != 0 || _pad_bottom != 0);
751  }

◆ pad()

std::pair<unsigned int, unsigned int> pad ( ) const

Get the padding.

This should only be used when the padding is symmetric.
a pair: padding left/right, padding top/bottom

Definition at line 713 of file Types.h.


Referenced by arm_compute::test::validation::reference::im2col_nchw(), and arm_compute::test::validation::reference::im2col_nhwc().

714  {
715  //this accessor should be used only when padding is symmetric
717  return std::make_pair(_pad_left, _pad_top);
718  }
#define ARM_COMPUTE_ERROR_ON(cond)
If the condition is true then an error message is printed and an exception thrown.
Definition: Error.h:466
bool padding_is_symmetric() const
Check whether the padding is symmetric.
Definition: Types.h:703

◆ pad_bottom()

◆ pad_left()

unsigned int pad_left ( ) const

◆ pad_right()

◆ pad_top()

unsigned int pad_top ( ) const

◆ padding_is_symmetric()

bool padding_is_symmetric ( ) const

Check whether the padding is symmetric.

True if the padding is symmetric.

Definition at line 703 of file Types.h.

704  {
705  return (_pad_left == _pad_right) && (_pad_top == _pad_bottom);
706  }

◆ round()

DimensionRoundingType round ( ) const

Get the rounding type.

Definition at line 742 of file Types.h.

Referenced by arm_compute::scaled_dimensions(), and arm_compute::scaled_dimensions_signed().

743  {
744  return _round_type;
745  }

◆ stride()

std::pair<unsigned int, unsigned int> stride ( ) const

Get the stride.

a pair: stride x, stride y.

Definition at line 695 of file Types.h.

Referenced by arm_compute::calculate_same_pad(), arm_compute::misc::shape_calculator::compute_unpool_shape(), CpuPool2dKernel::configure(), ClPool2dKernel::configure(), ClDirectConv2dKernel::configure(), ClGemmConvolution::configure(), CpuGemmConvolution::configure(), NEDeconvolutionLayer::configure(), CLDirectDeconvolutionLayer::configure(), arm_compute::test::validation::reference::convolution_layer_nchw(), arm_compute::test::validation::reference::deconvolution_layer(), arm_compute::deconvolution_output_dimensions(), CpuConv2d::get_convolution_method(), ClConv2d::get_convolution_method(), CLDeconvolutionLayer::get_deconvolution_method(), arm_compute::test::validation::reference::im2col_nchw(), arm_compute::test::validation::reference::im2col_nhwc(), CpuPool2dAssemblyWrapperKernel::is_configured(), arm_compute::operator<<(), arm_compute::test::validation::reference::pooling_layer_internal(), arm_compute::cpu::poolingMxN_fp32_neon_nhwc(), arm_compute::cpu::poolingMxN_q8_neon_nhwc(), CPPUpsampleKernel::run(), CLDeconvolutionLayerUpsampleKernel::run(), ClDirectConv2dKernel::run_op(), arm_compute::scaled_dimensions(), arm_compute::scaled_dimensions_signed(), ClGemmConvolution::validate(), NEFFTConvolutionLayer::validate(), CpuGemmConvolution::validate(), NEDeconvolutionLayer::validate(), CLFFTConvolutionLayer::validate(), CLGEMMDeconvolutionLayer::validate(), and CLDirectDeconvolutionLayer::validate().

696  {
697  return _stride;
698  }

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