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ROI Pooling Layer Information class. More...

#include <Types.h>

Public Member Functions

 ROIPoolingLayerInfo (unsigned int pooled_width, unsigned int pooled_height, float spatial_scale, unsigned int sampling_ratio=0)
 Constructor. More...
unsigned int pooled_width () const
 Get the pooled width of the layer. More...
unsigned int pooled_height () const
 Get the pooled height of the layer. More...
float spatial_scale () const
 Get the spatial scale. More...
unsigned int sampling_ratio () const
 Get sampling ratio. More...

Detailed Description

ROI Pooling Layer Information class.

Definition at line 1418 of file Types.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ROIPoolingLayerInfo()

ROIPoolingLayerInfo ( unsigned int  pooled_width,
unsigned int  pooled_height,
float  spatial_scale,
unsigned int  sampling_ratio = 0 


[in]pooled_widthPooled width of the layer.
[in]pooled_heightPooled height of the layer.
[in]spatial_scaleSpatial scale to be applied to the ROI coordinates and dimensions.
[in]sampling_ratioNumber of samples to include in each pooling region (if set to zero, a ceil(roi_dims/pooling_dims))

Definition at line 1428 of file Types.h.

1429  : _pooled_width(pooled_width), _pooled_height(pooled_height), _spatial_scale(spatial_scale), _sampling_ratio(sampling_ratio)
1430  {
1431  }
unsigned int pooled_width() const
Get the pooled width of the layer.
Definition: Types.h:1433
unsigned int sampling_ratio() const
Get sampling ratio.
Definition: Types.h:1448
unsigned int pooled_height() const
Get the pooled height of the layer.
Definition: Types.h:1438
float spatial_scale() const
Get the spatial scale.
Definition: Types.h:1443

Member Function Documentation

◆ pooled_height()

◆ pooled_width()

◆ sampling_ratio()

unsigned int sampling_ratio ( ) const

Get sampling ratio.

Definition at line 1448 of file Types.h.

Referenced by CLROIAlignLayerKernel::configure(), arm_compute::cpu::roi_align(), and arm_compute::test::validation::reference::roi_align_layer().

1449  {
1450  return _sampling_ratio;
1451  }

◆ spatial_scale()

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