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IOperator Class Referenceabstract

Base class for all async functions. More...

#include <IOperator.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IOperator ()=default
 Destructor. More...
virtual void run (ITensorPack &tensors)=0
 Run the kernels contained in the function. More...
virtual void prepare (ITensorPack &constants)=0
 Prepare the function for executing. More...
virtual MemoryRequirements workspace () const =0
 Return the memory requirements required by the workspace. More...

Detailed Description

Base class for all async functions.

Definition at line 37 of file IOperator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IOperator()

virtual ~IOperator ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ prepare()

virtual void prepare ( ITensorPack constants)
pure virtual

Prepare the function for executing.

Any one off pre-processing step required by the function is handled here

[in]constantsVector that contains the constants tensors.
Prepare stage might not need all the function's buffers' backing memory to be available in order to execute

Implemented in ClConv2d, CpuConv2d, CpuGemmAssemblyDispatch, CpuGemmConv2d, CpuGemmLowpMatrixMultiplyCore, ClGemmConv2d, CpuGemm, CpuFullyConnected, ClWinogradConv2d, ClGemmLowpMatrixMultiplyCore, ClGemm, ClFullyConnected, CpuWinogradConv2d, CpuDepthwiseConv2d, CpuGemmDirectConv2d, CpuDepthwiseConv2dAssemblyDispatch, INEOperator, ICLOperator, and CpuScale.

◆ run()

◆ workspace()

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