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IGemmCommon Class Referenceabstract

#include <gemm_common.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual void set_arrays_generic (const void *A, const int lda, const int A_batch_stride, const int A_multi_stride, const void *B, const int ldb, const int B_multi_stride, void *C, const int ldc, const int C_batch_stride, const int C_multi_stride, const void *bias, const int bias_multi_stride)=0
virtual ndrange_t get_window_size () const =0
virtual void set_nthreads (int)
virtual bool supports_dynamic_scheduling () const
virtual void execute (const ndcoord_t &work_range, const ndcoord_t &thread_locator, int threadid)=0
 Main execute member fucntion. More...
virtual size_t get_working_size () const
virtual void set_working_space (void *)
virtual bool B_is_pretransposed () const
virtual bool B_pretranspose_required () const
virtual size_t get_B_pretransposed_array_size () const
virtual void pretranspose_B_array_generic (void *, const void *, const int, const int)=0
virtual void set_pretransposed_B_data (void *)
virtual void set_quantized_bias (const int32_t *, size_t)
virtual void set_indirect_parameters_generic (size_t, const void *const *const *)
virtual void set_convolution_parameters (ConvolutionParameters)
virtual GemmConfig get_config ()=0
virtual ~IGemmCommon ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file gemm_common.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IGemmCommon()

virtual ~IGemmCommon ( )

Definition at line 148 of file gemm_common.hpp.

149  {
150  }

Member Function Documentation

◆ B_is_pretransposed()

◆ B_pretranspose_required()

◆ execute()

◆ get_B_pretransposed_array_size()

◆ get_config()

◆ get_window_size()

◆ get_working_size()

◆ pretranspose_B_array_generic()

virtual void pretranspose_B_array_generic ( void *  ,
const void *  ,
const int  ,
const int   
pure virtual

◆ set_arrays_generic()

virtual void set_arrays_generic ( const void *  A,
const int  lda,
const int  A_batch_stride,
const int  A_multi_stride,
const void *  B,
const int  ldb,
const int  B_multi_stride,
void *  C,
const int  ldc,
const int  C_batch_stride,
const int  C_multi_stride,
const void *  bias,
const int  bias_multi_stride 
pure virtual

◆ set_convolution_parameters()

◆ set_indirect_parameters_generic()

virtual void set_indirect_parameters_generic ( size_t  ,
const void *const *const *   

Reimplemented in GemmCommon< To, Tr >, and GemmCommon< TypeInput, TypeOutput >.

Definition at line 133 of file gemm_common.hpp.

134  {
135  }

◆ set_nthreads()

◆ set_pretransposed_B_data()

◆ set_quantized_bias()

◆ set_working_space()

◆ supports_dynamic_scheduling()

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