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int main (int argc, char **argv)
 Main program for DeepSpeech v0.4.1. More...

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int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Main program for DeepSpeech v0.4.1.

Model is based on: "Deep Speech: Scaling up end-to-end speech recognition" Awni Hannun, Carl Case, Jared Casper, Bryan Catanzaro, Greg Diamos, Erich Elsen, Ryan Prenger, Sanjeev Satheesh, Shubho Sengupta, Adam Coates, Andrew Y. Ng


To list all the possible arguments execute the binary appended with the –help option
[in]argcNumber of arguments
Return code

Definition at line 352 of file graph_deepspeech_v0_4_1.cpp.

353 {
354  return arm_compute::utils::run_example<GraphDeepSpeechExample>(argc, argv);
355 }