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mla.h File Reference
#include <arm_neon.h>

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 Copyright (c) 2017-2021 Arm Limited.


#define VMLA_IMPL(stype, vtype, prefix, postfix)
#define VMLAL_IMPL(vtype_in, vtype_out, postfix)


uint8x8_t vmla (const uint8x8_t &a, const uint8x8_t &b, const uint8x8_t &c)
int8x8_t vmla (const int8x8_t &a, const int8x8_t &b, const int8x8_t &c)
uint16x4_t vmla (const uint16x4_t &a, const uint16x4_t &b, const uint16x4_t &c)
int16x4_t vmla (const int16x4_t &a, const int16x4_t &b, const int16x4_t &c)
uint32x2_t vmla (const uint32x2_t &a, const uint32x2_t &b, const uint32x2_t &c)
int32x2_t vmla (const int32x2_t &a, const int32x2_t &b, const int32x2_t &c)
float32x2_t vmla (const float32x2_t &a, const float32x2_t &b, const float32x2_t &c)
uint8x16_t vmla (const uint8x16_t &a, const uint8x16_t &b, const uint8x16_t &c)
int8x16_t vmla (const int8x16_t &a, const int8x16_t &b, const int8x16_t &c)
uint16x8_t vmla (const uint16x8_t &a, const uint16x8_t &b, const uint16x8_t &c)
int16x8_t vmla (const int16x8_t &a, const int16x8_t &b, const int16x8_t &c)
uint32x4_t vmla (const uint32x4_t &a, const uint32x4_t &b, const uint32x4_t &c)
int32x4_t vmla (const int32x4_t &a, const int32x4_t &b, const int32x4_t &c)
float32x4_t vmla (const float32x4_t &a, const float32x4_t &b, const float32x4_t &c)
uint16x8_t vmlal (const uint16x8_t &a, const uint8x8_t &b, const uint8x8_t &c)
int16x8_t vmlal (const int16x8_t &a, const int8x8_t &b, const int8x8_t &c)
uint32x4_t vmlal (const uint32x4_t &a, const uint16x4_t &b, const uint16x4_t &c)
int32x4_t vmlal (const int32x4_t &a, const int16x4_t &b, const int16x4_t &c)
uint64x2_t vmlal (const uint64x2_t &a, const uint32x2_t &b, const uint32x2_t &c)
int64x2_t vmlal (const int64x2_t &a, const int32x2_t &b, const int32x2_t &c)

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#define VMLA_IMPL (   stype,
inline vtype vmla(const vtype &a, const vtype &b, const vtype &c) \
{ \
return prefix##_##postfix(a, b, c); \
SimpleTensor< float > b
Definition: DFT.cpp:157
float32x4_t vmla(const float32x4_t &a, const float32x4_t &b, const float32x4_t &c)
Definition: mla.h:63

Definition at line 33 of file mla.h.


#define VMLAL_IMPL (   vtype_in,
inline vtype_out vmlal(const vtype_out &a, const vtype_in &b, const vtype_in &c) \
{ \
return vmlal_##postfix(a, b, c); \
SimpleTensor< float > b
Definition: DFT.cpp:157
int64x2_t vmlal(const int64x2_t &a, const int32x2_t &b, const int32x2_t &c)
Definition: mla.h:81

Definition at line 70 of file mla.h.