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arm_compute::utils::iterable Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  reverse_iterable
 Reverse range iterable class. More...


template<typename T >
reverse_iterable< T > reverse_iterate (T &val)
 Creates a reverse iterable for a given type. More...

Function Documentation

◆ reverse_iterate()

reverse_iterable<T> arm_compute::utils::iterable::reverse_iterate ( T &  val)

Creates a reverse iterable for a given type.

Template Parameters
TType to create a reverse iterable on
[in]valIterable input
Reverse iterable container

Definition at line 101 of file Iterable.h.

Referenced by arm_compute::graph::dfs(), SplitLayerSubTensorMutator::mutate(), and DepthConcatSubTensorMutator::mutate().

102 {
103  return reverse_iterable<T>(val);
104 }