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PrepareInputSample< true > Struct Template Reference

#include <depthwise_depthfirst_multiplier.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename WorkspaceType , typename StrategyType , typename T >
static void execute (const DepthwiseArgs &args, WorkspaceType *ws, const StrategyType *strat, T *base_ptr, size_t ld_row, size_t ld_col, const unsigned int input_pad_top, const unsigned int valid_rows, const unsigned int input_pad_left, const unsigned int valid_cols)

Detailed Description

struct arm_conv::depthwise::depthfirst_multiplier::PrepareInputSample< true >

Definition at line 445 of file depthwise_depthfirst_multiplier.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

static void execute ( const DepthwiseArgs &  args,
WorkspaceType *  ws,
const StrategyType strat,
T *  base_ptr,
size_t  ld_row,
size_t  ld_col,
const unsigned int  input_pad_top,
const unsigned int  valid_rows,
const unsigned int  input_pad_left,
const unsigned int  valid_cols 

Definition at line 448 of file depthwise_depthfirst_multiplier.hpp.

References arm_conv::addressing::fill_patch_array_generic_kernel().

454  {
456  ws->input_rows, ws->input_patch,
457  strat->get_output_rows(), strat->get_output_cols(),
458  args.kernel_rows, args.kernel_cols,
459  args.stride_rows, args.stride_cols,
460  base_ptr, ld_row, ld_col,
461  ws->input_padding,
462  input_pad_top, valid_rows,
463  input_pad_left, valid_cols
464  );
465  }
void fill_patch_array_generic_kernel(size_t element_size, const void **dest_pointers_raw, void *patch_raw, const unsigned int output_rows, const unsigned int output_cols, const unsigned int kernel_rows, const unsigned int kernel_cols, const unsigned int stride_rows, const unsigned int stride_cols, const void *src_ptr_raw, size_t ld_row, size_t ld_col, const void *pad_row, const unsigned int pad_top, const unsigned int valid_rows, const unsigned int pad_left, const unsigned int valid_cols)
Definition: addressing.cpp:258

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