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StrategyType< IsGeneric, TInput, TWeight, TOutput, TAccum, OutputStage > Struct Template Reference

#include <depthwise_depthfirst_multiplier.hpp>

Public Types

using Type = DepthfirstMultiplierStrategy< TInput, TWeight, TOutput, TAccum >

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename WorkspaceType >
static void execute (const DepthwiseArgs &args, const WorkspaceType *ws, const Type *strat, const OutputStage &, const unsigned int, const void *parameters, const void *)

Detailed Description

template<bool IsGeneric, typename TInput, typename TWeight, typename TOutput, typename TAccum, typename OutputStage>
struct arm_conv::depthwise::depthfirst_multiplier::StrategyType< IsGeneric, TInput, TWeight, TOutput, TAccum, OutputStage >

Definition at line 328 of file depthwise_depthfirst_multiplier.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Type

using Type = DepthfirstMultiplierStrategy<TInput, TWeight, TOutput, TAccum>

Definition at line 330 of file depthwise_depthfirst_multiplier.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

static void execute ( const DepthwiseArgs &  args,
const WorkspaceType *  ws,
const Type strat,
const OutputStage &  ,
const unsigned  int,
const void *  parameters,
const void *   

Definition at line 333 of file depthwise_depthfirst_multiplier.hpp.

References DepthfirstMultiplierStrategy< TInput, TWeight, TOutput, TAccum >::get_kernel(), and arm_compute::test::parameters.

Referenced by DepthwiseDepthfirstMultiplier< TInput, TWeight, TOutput, TAccum, is_generic, OutputStage >::compute_tile_padded().

338  {
339  strat->get_kernel()(
340  ws->input_rows,
341  ws->outptr_array,
342  parameters, args.channel_multiplier,
343  ws->activation_min, ws->activation_max
344  );
345  }
std::unique_ptr< ParametersLibrary > parameters
Definition: Framework.cpp:46

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