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a64_u8_nhwc_max_2x2_s1_output2x2_depthfirst Struct Reference

#include <a64_u8_nhwc_max_2x2_s1_output2x2_depthfirst.hpp>

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Public Types

using Parent = DepthfirstStrategy< uint8_t, uint8_t >
- Public Types inherited from DepthfirstStrategy< uint8_t, uint8_t >
typedef void(* KernelType) (unsigned int n_channels, const uint8_t *const *, uint8_t *const *, bool exclude_padding, unsigned int pad_left, unsigned int pad_top, unsigned int pad_right, unsigned int pad_bottom)

Public Member Functions

 a64_u8_nhwc_max_2x2_s1_output2x2_depthfirst (const CPUInfo *)
Parent::KernelType get_kernel (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DepthfirstStrategy< uint8_t, uint8_t >
 DepthfirstStrategy (unsigned int window_rows, unsigned int window_cols, unsigned int stride_rows, unsigned int stride_cols, unsigned int output_rows, unsigned int output_cols)
unsigned int get_input_rows () const override
unsigned int get_input_cols () const override
unsigned int get_output_rows () const override
unsigned int get_output_cols () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDepthfirstStrategy
virtual ~IDepthfirstStrategy ()=default

Static Public Attributes

static const auto pooling_type = PoolingType::MAX
static const auto pool_rows = 2u
static const auto pool_cols = 2u
static const auto stride_rows = 1u
static const auto stride_cols = 1u

Detailed Description

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Parent

using Parent = DepthfirstStrategy<uint8_t, uint8_t>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ a64_u8_nhwc_max_2x2_s1_output2x2_depthfirst()

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_kernel()

Parent::KernelType get_kernel ( void  ) const

Implements DepthfirstStrategy< uint8_t, uint8_t >.

Definition at line 43 of file a64_u8_nhwc_max_2x2_s1_output2x2_depthfirst.hpp.

References arm_conv::pooling::a64_u8_nhwc_max_2x2_s1_output2x2_depthfirst_impl().

void a64_u8_nhwc_max_2x2_s1_output2x2_depthfirst_impl(unsigned int, const uint8_t *const *const, uint8_t *const *const, bool, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int)

Field Documentation

◆ pool_cols

const auto pool_cols = 2u

◆ pool_rows

const auto pool_rows = 2u

◆ pooling_type

const auto pooling_type = PoolingType::MAX

◆ stride_cols

const auto stride_cols = 1u

◆ stride_rows

const auto stride_rows = 1u

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