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GemmArgs Struct Reference

#include <arm_gemm.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 GemmArgs (const CPUInfo *ci, unsigned int M, unsigned int N, unsigned int K, unsigned int Ksections, unsigned int nbatches, unsigned int nmulti, bool indirect_input, Activation act, const int maxthreads, bool fast_mode=false, const GemmConfig *cfg=nullptr)

Data Fields

const CPUInfo_ci
unsigned int _Msize
unsigned int _Nsize
unsigned int _Ksize
unsigned int _Ksections
unsigned int _nbatches
unsigned int _nmulti
bool _indirect_input
Activation _act
int _maxthreads
bool _fast_mode
const GemmConfig_cfg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file arm_gemm.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GemmArgs()

GemmArgs ( const CPUInfo ci,
unsigned int  M,
unsigned int  N,
unsigned int  K,
unsigned int  Ksections,
unsigned int  nbatches,
unsigned int  nmulti,
bool  indirect_input,
Activation  act,
const int  maxthreads,
bool  fast_mode = false,
const GemmConfig cfg = nullptr 

Definition at line 117 of file arm_gemm.hpp.

121  : _ci(ci), _Msize(M), _Nsize(N), _Ksize(K), _Ksections(Ksections), _nbatches(nbatches), _nmulti(nmulti), _indirect_input(indirect_input), _act(act), _maxthreads(maxthreads), _fast_mode(fast_mode),
122  _cfg(cfg)
123  {
124  }
const CPUInfo * _ci
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:104
unsigned int _nmulti
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:110
unsigned int _Nsize
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:106
Activation _act
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:112
unsigned int M
const GemmConfig * _cfg
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:115
unsigned int N
unsigned int _Msize
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:105
unsigned int _Ksections
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:108
unsigned int _Ksize
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:107
unsigned int _nbatches
Definition: arm_gemm.hpp:109
unsigned int K

Field Documentation

◆ _act

◆ _cfg

◆ _ci

◆ _fast_mode

bool _fast_mode

Definition at line 114 of file arm_gemm.hpp.

◆ _indirect_input

◆ _Ksections

◆ _Ksize

◆ _maxthreads

◆ _Msize

◆ _nbatches

◆ _nmulti

◆ _Nsize

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