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Virtual Streaming Interface (VSI)

Data streaming interface for Cortex-M applications. More...


 Data streaming interface for Cortex-M applications to Python scripting.
 VSI Python interface
 VSI python interface.


The Virtual Streaming Interface (VSI) is a flexible peripheral that allows to implement a wide range of use cases. It can be used to simulate data streaming such as audio, video and various sensors frequently found in Machine-Learning applications. Eight VSI instances are available and may be used in parallel for simultaneous multi-channel streaming inputs and outputs.

Examples demonstrate the Audio streaming as shown in the diagram below.

Arm VHT CoreStone-300 for Linux and Windows

The VSI implements general purpose peripheral registers, an interrupt peripheral, a timer peripheral, and a DMA peripheral. The following files define the access to the VSI peripherals.

File Description
./interface/include/arm_vsi.h VSI API header file
./interface/python/ VSI Python interface script template for instance 0
: :
./interface/python/ VSI Python interface script template for instance 7

A read or write access to a VSI peripheral via its API triggers execution of a corresponding function in the Python script that implements the VSI Python interface instance. The concept is shown on the figure below.

Using VSI peripheral