E. Document change history

E.1. Changes between version 1.0 Beta and 1.0.0

General changes

API changes

E.2. Changes between version 0.7 and 1.0 Beta

General changes

  • Relicensed the document under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International with a patent license derived from Apache License 2.0. See License.

  • Removed Profile IDs, and discussion of SUIT and manifest formats

  • Revised and extended all of the early chapters covering the goals, architecture and design of the API.

  • Updated code examples to match the v1.0 API. See Example usage.

API changes

  • Renamed psa_image_id_t to psa_fwu_component_t, and changed the type to uint8_t.

  • Renamed psa_image_info_t to psa_fwu_component_info_t.

  • Renamed psa_image_version_t to psa_fwu_image_version_t.

  • Reworked the state model to reflect the overall state of a firmware component, not a specific image.

    • Renamed PSA_FWU_UNDEFINED to PSA_FWU_READY - the default starting state for the state model.

    • Renamed CANDIDATE state to WRITING state. The new definition is PSA_FWU_WRITING.

    • Renamed REBOOT_NEEDED state to STAGED state. The new definition is PSA_FWU_STAGED.

    • Renamed PENDING_INSTALL state to TRIAL state. The new definition is PSA_FWU_TRIAL.

    • Renamed INSTALLED state to UPDATED state. The new definition is PSA_FWU_UPDATED.

    • Renamed REJECTED state to FAILED state. The new definition is PSA_FWU_FAILED.

    • Reintroduced REJECTED as a volatile state when rollback has been requested, but reboot has not yet occurred.

  • Renamed some of the installation functions:

  • Explicit support for concurrent installation of multiple components:

    • Reintroduced CANDIDATE state for an image that has been prepared for installation, but not installed.

    • Add psa_fwu_finish() to mark a new firmware image as ready for installation.

    • Add psa_fwu_cancel() to abandon an update that is being prepared.

    • Removed the component_id parameter from psa_fwu_install(), psa_fwu_accept(), and psa_fwu_reject(): these now act atomically on all components in the initial state for the operation.

  • Reference the standard definition of the status codes, and remove them from this specification. See Status codes.

    • Rationalize the API-specific error codes. This removes the following error codes:







    • Standardize the use of error codes, aligning with other PSA Certified APIs:

      • Use PSA_ERROR_BAD_STATE when operations are called in the wrong sequence.

      • Use PSA_ERROR_DOES_NOT_EXIST when operations are called with an unknown component Id.

      • Use PSA_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED when firmware images do not comply with update policy.

  • Removed the discovery API functions and types

    • psa_fwu_get_image_id_iterator()

    • psa_fwu_get_image_id_next()

    • psa_fwu_get_image_id_valid()

    • psa_fwu_get_image_id()

    • psa_fwu_iterator_t

  • Removed Profile IDs, and discussion of SUIT and metadata formats

E.3. Changes between version 0.6 and 0.7

This section describes detailed changes between past versions.

  • PSA_FWU_API_VERSION_MINOR has increased from 6 to 7

  • psa_image_id_t is now defined as a 32-bit integer. Functions no longer have a pointer type for this parameter.

  • UUID concept dropped from function names and parameters.

  • Added Vendor ID and Class ID to psa_image_info_t structure.

  • Added Future changes section

  • Added error code and success code definitions

  • Fixed mistake: psa_fwu_abort return type changed from void to psa_status_t

  • Clarifications to the text


  • Remove standardized image IDs until we get more feedback

  • Improvements to the Design Overview text