Action Desktop Mobile
Move around the scene WASD press + hold
Rotate camera right mouse button + drag press + move
Pan left mouse button + drag -
Movement speed reduced shift -
Movement speed increased ctrl -
toggle GUI left click tap
toggle Debug Window right click 2 finger tap

Debug Window

The Debug Window shows information about the current application.

Debug Window

Driver version

The debug window shows the driver version of the GPU, which follows the Vulkan semantics, with a major, minor, and patch number. New versions of the driver will increment these numbers.

The framework is able to get these values by calling vkGetPhysicalDeviceProperties(physical_device, &properties). This will set all attributes of properties, which type is struct VkPhysicalDeviceProperties. Then it extracts the relevant bits from properties.driverVersion using the following Vulkan macros:


It is important to note that old Arm Mali drivers (before Bifrost r14 and Midgard r26) may not implement this feature, therefore the values returned will be undefined.