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Standard C Library File, I/O and OS Retargeting
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I/O Retarget example project

This project prints "Hello World" and a counter value via the UART output. It is configured for Arm Virtual Hardware, but other target hardware that provides a CMSIS Driver:USART can be easily added.




  • Required packs are listed in the file retarget.csolution.yml

Project Structure

The project is generated using the CMSIS-Toolbox and is defined in csolution format:

  • retarget.csolution.yml lists the required packs and defines the hardware target and build-types (along with the compiler).
  • retarget.cproject.yml defines the source files and the software components.

Build Project

Use the cbuild command to build the Debug configuration for VHT_CM3 target defined in retarget.csolution.yml solution file.

cbuild retarget.csolution.yml -p -r --update-rte -c retarget.Debug+VHT_CM3


  • During the build process required packs may be downloaded (-p flag).

By default the project is compiled using GCC as set in cdefault.yml file. One can build the project by specifying the toolchain - AC6, GCC, CLANG and IAR are supported.

To build with Arm Compiler 6:

cbuild retarget.csolution.yml -p -r --update-rte --toolchain AC6 -c retarget.Debug+VHT_CM3

Execute Project

The project is configured for execution on Arm Virtual Hardware which removes the requirement for a physical hardware board.

To execute application image on Arm Virtual Hardware use below command:

FVP_MPS2_Cortex-M3 -f fvp-config.txt out/retarget/VHT_CM3/Debug/retarget.elf


  • For Arm Compiler 6, the application image file has extension .axf