CMSIS-Compiler Support  
Standard C Library File, I/O and OS Retargeting
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Revision History

CMSIS-Compiler version is offically updated upon releases of the CMSIS-Compiler pack.

The table below provides information about the changes delivered with specific versions of CMSIS-Compiler.

Version Description
  • Added initial support for LLVM/Clang and IAR Compiler
  • Introduce STDERR, STDIN, STDOUT APIs and components Attention: This change conflicts with user implementations version 1.0.0!
  • Rename RTE component defines from RTE_Compiler_* to RTE_CMSIS_Compiler_*
  • OS Interface, Arm Compiler: Remove C library thread space implementation
v1.0.0 Initial release replacing I/O Retarget from Keil.ARM-Compiler pack.