CMSIS-Compiler Support  
Standard C Library File, I/O and OS Retargeting
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Multithreading Support Retarget

CMSIS-Compiler enables the standard C library multithreading interface retargeting via OS Interface component.

OS Interface

The software component CMSIS-Compiler:OS Interface exposes OS Interface API that depends on the used toolchain i.e. on the standard C library embedded with the toolchain. Available components are implementations of this API and default components are as follows:

Component Description
CMSIS-RTOS2 OS Interface implementation using CMSIS-RTOS2 API
Custom Placeholder for custom OS Interface implementation

Default implementation uses CMSIS-RTOS2 to implement multithreading support and enables easy retargeting to any RTOS that implements RTOS2 API.

Custom component is available to enable access to OS Interface API header file when application provides an custom implementation. Custom implementation is typically used when application uses RTOS native API.

To help you implement the functionality the OS Interface:Custom component also provides the code templates.