Interface Firmware for CoreSight Debug Access Port
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Host OS Drivers

Using CMSIS-DAP v2 compliant debug adapter removes the necessity to install separate drivers on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows (8 and above).

Configuring USB peripheral explains how USB stack shall be configured in the CMSIS-DAP firmware to ensure its correct operation with native OS drivers.

Additional requirements for Linux

On Linux, permission to access USB devices from user space must be explicitly granted via udev rules. Exemplary udev rules are available in the pyOCD GitHub repo that allow to access common debug probes without requiring it to be run as root.

Additional requirements for Windows

Using CMSIS-DAP compliant adapters on Windows 8 and above does not require separate driver installation.

For older versions, or in case of issues, you can use the the .inf file located in Firmware/Template/CMSIS_DAP_v2.inf.