CMSIS-Zone  Version 1.2.0-alpha
System Resource Management
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Command Line Mode

As the .rzone and .azone files are XML based, it is possible to create or modify the files in external tools without using the Interactive Mode. To generate output files the CMSIS-Zone Utility can be started in headless mode. The command line format is:

eclipsec.exe -noSplash -consoleLog –launcher.suppressErrors -application -azone FILENME.azone -ftl FTL_DIR -ftl_gen FTL_GEN_DIR


Parameter Description Required
-noSplash Suppresses Eclipse's splash screen [required]
-launcher.suppressErrors Suppresses error dialog [optional]
-consoleLog Suppresses diagnostic messages [optional]
-application Specifies the plug-in to be called [required]
-azone FILNAME.azone Specifies the .azone file to be processed [required]
-ftl FTL_DIR Relative or absolute directory with templates to process [optional - by default, ftl directory under the azone's file path is used]
-ftl_gen FTL_GEN_DIR Relative or absolute output directory to write generated files [optional - by default, ftl_gen directory under the azone's file path is used]
-help Shows command line parameter information [optional]