CMSIS-Zone  Version 1.2.0-alpha
System Resource Management
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Create a CMSIS-Zone Project

Go to File - New - Project and select CMSIS - CMSIS-Zone Project:


Click Next. In the next window, enter a Project name:


Click Next.

Variant 1: Using an existing *.rzone file

In the next window, select Use existing resource file (*.rzone) and browse to the location of the .rzone file:


Click Finish. The new project is created and an empty *.azone file is added.

Variant 2: Creating an *.rzone file using the SVD file from the device family pack

In the next window, use Select device to create resource file from device description:


Next, select your device from the list of installed device family packs:


Click Finish. The new project and the *.rzone file are created and an empty *.azone file is added.


Make sure that you have set the path to your pack installation directory correctly. Go to Window -> Preferences and check the entry for the CMSIS Pack root folder (usually set to %localappdata%\Arm\Packs):