CMSIS-Zone  Version 1.2.0-alpha
System Resource Management
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Revision History of CMSIS-Zone
Version Description
  • MPU support for Arm V7 architecture
  • upgrade handling of data in .azone, .rzone and .fzone files according to changes in CMSIS-Zone specification
  • Initial release including the main functionality.
0.9.5 (Preview)
  • generation of mpu_setup element in .fzone files (currently limited to Armv8 architecture)
  • support for /azone/configure element in .azone files: show and assign memory regions and peripherals according to the settings
  • Setup page in the editor to view zone properties and configure settings
  • bug fixes
0.9.4 (Preview)
  • look and feed: icons and colors
  • improved error processing and reporting
  • bug fixes
0.9.2 (Preview)
  • additional flags for memory regions: init, DMA, startup
  • fixes and enhancements in MPC and SAU handling
  • enhanced algorithm for memory region arrangement with MPC
  • possibility to save altered permissions for top-level memory regions and peripherals
  • individual configuration of peripheral channels and pins
  • improved new CMSIS Zone project wizard: it is possible to specify an available .rzone file instead of device
  • UI enhancements and bugfixes
0.9.0-alpha (Preview) Alpha with completely revised workflow.
0.0.3 (Preview 3) Initial specification draft