CMSIS-Driver  Version 2.8.0
Peripheral Interface for Middleware and Application Code
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Ethernet MAC Flush Flags

Specify controls to flush a buffer. More...


#define ARM_ETH_MAC_FLUSH_RX   (1UL << 0)
 Flush Receive buffer. More...
#define ARM_ETH_MAC_FLUSH_TX   (1UL << 1)
 Flush Transmit buffer. More...


Specify controls to flush a buffer.

The function ARM_ETH_MAC_Control with control = ARM_ETH_MAC_FLUSH flushes the buffer which is specified with arg listed bellow.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ARM_ETH_MAC_FLUSH_RX   (1UL << 0)

Flush Receive buffer.

#define ARM_ETH_MAC_FLUSH_TX   (1UL << 1)

Flush Transmit buffer.