CMSIS-Driver  Version 2.8.0
Peripheral Interface for Middleware and Application Code
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NAND Driver Strength

Specify driver strength of the NAND interface. More...


#define ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH_18   (0x00UL)
 Driver Strength 2.0x = 18 Ohms. More...
#define ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH_25   (0x01UL)
 Driver Strength 1.4x = 25 Ohms. More...
#define ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH_35   (0x02UL)
 Driver Strength 1.0x = 35 Ohms (default) More...
#define ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH_50   (0x03UL)
 Driver Strength 0.7x = 50 Ohms. More...


Specify driver strength of the NAND interface.

The defines can be used in the function ARM_NAND_Control for the parameter arg and with the ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH as the control code.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH_18   (0x00UL)

Driver Strength 2.0x = 18 Ohms.

#define ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH_25   (0x01UL)

Driver Strength 1.4x = 25 Ohms.

#define ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH_35   (0x02UL)

Driver Strength 1.0x = 35 Ohms (default)

#define ARM_NAND_DRIVER_STRENGTH_50   (0x03UL)

Driver Strength 0.7x = 50 Ohms.