CMSIS-RTOS2  Version 2.1.3
Real-Time Operating System: API and RTX Reference Implementation
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C interface of CMSIS-RTOS C API v2 defined in cmsis_os2.h. More...


 Memory Management
 Information about memory management possibilities.
 Kernel Information and Control
 Provides version/system information and starts/controls the RTOS Kernel.
 Thread Management
 Define, create, and control thread functions.
 Thread Flags
 Synchronize threads using flags.
 Event Flags
 Synchronize threads using event flags.
 Generic Wait Functions
 Wait for a certain period of time.
 Timer Management
 Create and control timer and timer callback functions.
 Mutex Management
 Synchronize resource access using Mutual Exclusion (Mutex).
 Access shared resources simultaneously from different threads.
 Memory Pool
 Manage thread-safe fixed-size blocks of dynamic memory.
 Message Queue
 Exchange messages between threads in a FIFO-like operation.
 Constants and enumerations used by many CMSIS-RTOS functions.


C interface of CMSIS-RTOS C API v2 defined in cmsis_os2.h

The CMSIS-RTOS2 is a generic API layer that interfaces to an RTOS kernel.

The complete API interface is defined in the cmsis_os2.h header file. When using dynamic memory allocation for objects, source code or libraries require no modifications when using on a different CMSIS-RTOS2 implementation.

Refer to Common Design Concepts for further details.