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PSA Certified
Status code API

The Status code API provides common status and error codes for the PSA Certified APIs.

See the PSA Certified APIs page for other PSA Certified APIs.

Specification source files, updates, and discussions, as well as reference headers and example code, can be found in the associated PSA Certified APIs GitHub project.

Test suites to verify a correct implementation can be found in the PSA Certified APIs Test suites.


Version     Publication
1.0.3 HTML ↓ PDF January 2024
1.0.2   ↓ PDF December 2022
1.0.1   ↓ PDF October 2022

Prior to version 1.0.1, the PSA status codes were defined as part of the PSA Firmware Framework for M 1.0 specification. This can be downloaded from↗.

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