Virtual Hardware  Version 1.3.0 - beta
Examples Projects and GitHub Repositories

This chapter describes the examples that demonstrate how to use Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH) in various scenarios. Detailed descriptions can be found from the references provided in the table below:

Example Description Repository
Get Started Example Simple example that explains the setup of a CI test run on Arm Virtual Hardware
Micro Speech Example Tensorflow voice recognition example that runs on Arm Virtual Hardware and physical hardware targets
AWS MQTT Example IoT application with MQTT connectivity to AWS cloud service
ATS-Keyword Example Arm Total Solution example with ML-based keyword recognition and AWS Cloud connectivity
AVH System Modeling Integrates the keyword spotting on Arm Virtual Hardware with a Modelica-simulated audio room echo.
Find more details here.
CMSIS-RTOS2 Validation Test suite for validating CMSIS-RTOS2 implementations on supported Cortex-M cores using AVH