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Debug with Arm Development Studio

This section explains how Arm Development Studio can be used for debugging your embedded application that runs on AVH AMI.

Tools Installation and set up

Download and install the latest Arm Development Studio. If necessary, you can generate an evaluation license from Help > Arm License Manager.

Use SSH port forwarding to forward the port to be used for debug server (default is 7100) on your virtual target to your localhost.

ssh -i <key.pem> -N -L 7100:localhost:7100 ubuntu@<AMI_IP_addr>

The -N option holds the SSH tunnel connection and does not allow to execute other remote commands. This is useful when only forwarding ports.

Start program on the remote FVP model

  • Add following command line options when launching a program on the FVP target in the AMI:
    Option Alias
    --iris-server -I
    --iris-allow-remote -A
    --iris-port <PORT>
    --print-port-number -p

Use --help for a full description of these options.


VHT_Corstone_SSE-300_Ethos-U55 <other launching options> -I -A --iris-port 7100 -p

This will start the debug server with remote connection enabled on port 7100.

Connect to Target in Arm DS

  • From the menu, select File > New > Model Connection, and give the connection a meaningful name
  • Search for VHT to show all supported models, and select appropriate target
  • In the Connections tab, specify to connect to an already running model at localhost:<port>
  • In the Files tab, specify the local ELF image to load debug symbols from
  • Click Debug to connect to the virtual target, and commence your debug session

For more information see the Arm Development Studio documentation.