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Virtual Input/Output (VIO)

Controls simple I/O such as LED and switches. More...


 Virtual Input/Output (VIO) API.
 VIO Python interface
 VIO python interface.
 Using VIO
 Using Virtual I/O Interface (VIO)


Controls simple I/O such as LED and switches.

The Virtual Input/Output Interface (VIO) implements a register-based peripheral for simple digital I/Os. It can be used to simulate control of such items as LEDs, switches, digital signals and others . Figure below demonstrates the concept.

The following files define the access to the VIO peripheral.

File Description
./interface/include/arm_vio.h VIO API header file
./interface/python/ VIO Python interface script template
./interface/vio/vio_fvp.c Implementation of CMSIS-Driver VIO for Arm FVPs

A read or write access to a VIO peripheral via its API triggers execution of a corresponding function in the Python script that implements the VIO Python interface instance. The concept is shown on the figure below.

Using VIO peripheral