Virtual Hardware  Version 1.3.0 - beta
Simulation Models with Virtual Interfaces for Test Automation
Virtual Input/Output (VIO)

Controls simple I/O such as LED and switches. More...


 Virtual Input/Output (VIO) API.
 VIO Python interface
 VIO python interface.
 Using VIO
 Using Virtual I/O Interface (VIO)


Controls simple I/O such as LED and switches.

The Virtual Input/Output Interface (VIO) implements a register-based peripheral for simple digital I/Os. It can be used to simulate control of such items as LEDs, switches, digital signals and others. Figure below demonstrates the concept.

The following files define the access to the VIO peripheral.

File Description
./interface/include/arm_vio.h VIO API header file
./interface/python/ VIO Python interface script template
./interface/vio/vio_vht.c Implementation of CMSIS-Driver VIO for Arm Virtual Hardware Target

A read or write access to a VIO peripheral via its API triggers execution of a corresponding function in the Python script that implements the VIO Python interface instance. The concept is shown on the figure below.

Using VIO peripheral