CMSIS-Zone  Version 1.2.0-alpha
System Resource Management
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/rzone element

The /rzone element element is the root element of the .rzone file which describes the resources (processors, memory, peripherals) available.

Parent Element Element Chain
root Document root
Attributes Description Type Use
schemaVersion CMSIS-Zone schema version used for describing the *.rzone file. VersionType required
xmlns:xs Is set to: "" to indicate compliance to the XML format. xs:string required
xs:noNamespaceSchemaLocation File name of the schema file. For example, "rzone.xsd". xs:string required
Child Elements Description Type Occurrence
creator Specifies how a derived .rzone file was created. CreatorType 0..1
device Device that includes one or more processing element (PE). DeviceType 1..1
resources Physical resources (memory and peripherals) that are available in the system. SResourceType 1..1