CMSIS-Zone  Version 1.2.0-alpha
System Resource Management
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User Interface

The CMSIS-Zone Utility user interface offers menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, and windows to manage the various aspects of your project.


The utility's GUI provides menus for selecting commands and toolbar buttons in the Zone Editor window:


Project Explorer

Projects that are currently available in the Eclipse workspace are shown in the Project Explorer. When creating a new project, you will first find the .rzone and the .azone files here. Later, generator files and generated files are shown as well:

Project Explorer window showing a complex project

In the Project Explorer window, you manage the project files. The following files are shown:

File name Description
project.azone Project-level .azone file
project.rzone Project-level .rzone file
zone.azone Zone-level .azone file
zone.rzone Zone-level .rzone file
*.ftl Freemarker template file used to generate output
helper.ftlinc Helper file to generate Freemarker output
*.sct, partition_*.h Generated output files

Zone Editor

The Zone Editor shows .azone files in two different views: Resource map and Zone map.

The Resource map shows all resources available to that system or sub-system. By default, it shows the selected device, as well as lists of memories and peripherals:


The Zone map shows the same resources, but mapped to zones that have been created for the device:


Resources assigned to a zone are marked with colors:

Color Meaning
Green Resource is assigned to one zone
Amber Resource is assigned to multiple zones

Toolbar Buttons

The Zone Editor window contains toolbar buttons that offer direct access to functionality of the utility:

Button Description
Tree View Shows the resources as a tree
List View Shows the resources as a simple list
Arrange memory regions Arranges memory regions according to their sizes
Add new zone Adds a new zone to the zone map
Generate Generates CMSIS-Zone output files