CMSIS-DAP  Version 2.1.1
Interface Firmware for CoreSight Debug Access Port
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SWO Commands

Configure the parameters for SWO mode. More...


 Set SWO transport mode.
 Set SWO capture mode.
 Set SWO baudrate.
 Control SWO trace data capture.
 Read SWO trace status.
 Read SWO trace extended status.
 Read SWO trace data.


Configure the parameters for SWO mode.

CMSIS-DAP SWO (Serial Wire Output)

CMSIS-DAP (CoreSight Debug Access Port) specifies debug protocol and interface for devices with CoreSight Debug and Trace.

The SWO Commands are only available when DAP_Info with ID=0xF0 (Capabilities) returns in Info - Bit 2: 1 = SWO UART or Bit 3: 1 = SWO Manchester.

The following extension adds support for trace over SWO (Serial Wire Output).

SWO add-on is a compatible extension of the existing CMSIS-DAP specification. Existing debugger implementations on PC do not require any modifications for debugging. They only need to be extended in order to support trace.

The following new commands are added:

Format of the new commands is specified below using CMSIS-DAP documentation style. Note: 16-bit values (SHORT) and 32-bit values (WORD) are encoded as little-endian.

The following existing commands are extended: