CMSIS-DAP  Version 2.0.0
Interface Firmware for CoreSight Debug Access Port
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oFirmware ConfigurationCMSIS-DAP is designed for Debug Units with Cortex-M microcontroller
|oDebug Unit ProcessorCMSIS-DAP Firmware runs on Debug Units with a Cortex-M microcontroller
|oConfigure I/O Ports and Debug UnitDAP_config.h configures I/O ports and Debug Unit hardware parameters
||oCMSIS-DAP Debug Unit InformationProvides definitions about the hardware and configuration of the Debug Unit
||oCMSIS-DAP Hardware I/O Pin AccessStandard I/O Pins of the CMSIS-DAP Hardware Debug Port support standard JTAG mode and Serial Wire Debug (SWD) mode
||oCMSIS-DAP Hardware Status LEDsCMSIS-DAP Hardware may provide LEDs that indicate the status of the CMSIS-DAP Debug Unit
||oCMSIS-DAP TimestampAccess function for Test Domain Timer
||\CMSIS-DAP InitializationCMSIS-DAP Hardware I/O and LED Pins are initialized with the function DAP_SETUP
|oConfigure USB PeripheralCMSIS-DAP Firmware communicates via an USB interface to host computer
|\Flash Program FirmwareThe CMSIS-DAP Firmware is programmed into Flash ROM of a Debug Unit
oConnect SWO TraceOptional you may add a CMSIS-Driver USART to interface to SWO
oValidate Debug UnitA CMSIS-DAP conforming Debug Unit must be validated
oCMSIS-DAP CommandsCommands between Debug Unit and host computer
|oGeneral CommandsInformation and Control commands for the CMSIS-DAP Debug Unit
||oDAP_InfoGet Information about CMSIS-DAP Debug Unit
||oDAP_HostStatusSent status information of the debugger to Debug Unit
||oDAP_ConnectConnect to Device and selected DAP mode
||oDAP_DisconnectDisconnect from active Debug Port
||oDAP_WriteABORTWrite ABORT Register
||oDAP_DelayWait for specified delay
||\DAP_ResetTargetReset Target with Device specific sequence
|oCommon SWD/JTAG CommandsSet SWD/JTAG clock and control/monitor SWD/JTAG I/O pins
||oDAP_SWJ_PinsControl and monitor SWD/JTAG Pins
||oDAP_SWJ_ClockSelect SWD/JTAG Clock
||\DAP_SWJ_SequenceGenerate SWJ sequence SWDIO/TMS @SWCLK/TCK
|oSWD CommandsConfigure the parameters for SWD mode
||oDAP_SWD_ConfigureConfigure SWD Protocol
||\DAP_SWD_SequenceGenerate SWD sequence and output on SWDIO or capture input from SWDIO data
|oSWO CommandsConfigure the parameters for SWO mode
||oDAP_SWO_TransportSet SWO transport mode
||oDAP_SWO_ModeSet SWO capture mode
||oDAP_SWO_BaudrateSet SWO baudrate
||oDAP_SWO_ControlControl SWO trace data capture
||oDAP_SWO_StatusRead SWO trace status
||oDAP_SWO_ExtendedStatusRead SWO trace extended status
||\DAP_SWO_DataRead SWO trace data
|oJTAG CommandsDetect and configure the JTAG device chain
||oDAP_JTAG_SequenceGenerate JTAG sequence TMS, TDI and capture TDO
||oDAP_JTAG_ConfigureConfigure JTAG Chain
|oTransfer CommandsRead and Writes to CoreSight registers
||oDAP_TransferConfigureConfigure Transfers
||oDAP_TransferRead/write single and multiple registers
||oDAP_TransferBlockRead/Write a block of data from/to a single register
||\DAP_TransferAbortAbort current Transfer
|oAtomic CommandsExecute atomic commands
||oDAP_ExecuteCommandsExecute multiple DAP commands from a single packet
||\DAP_QueueCommandsQueue multiple DAP commands provided in a multiple packets
|\Response StatusStatus Information in Response Data
\CMSIS-DAP Vendor CommandsExtend CMSIS-DAP Firmware with commands