CMSIS-NN  Version 3.1.0
CMSIS NN Software Library
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cmsis_nn_fc_params Struct Reference

Data Fields

int32_t input_offset
int32_t filter_offset
int32_t output_offset
cmsis_nn_activation activation


CMSIS-NN object for Fully Connected layer parameters

Field Documentation

cmsis_nn_activation cmsis_nn_fc_params::activation
int32_t cmsis_nn_fc_params::filter_offset

Zero value for the filter tensor. Not used

Referenced by arm_fully_connected_s16(), and arm_fully_connected_s8().

int32_t cmsis_nn_fc_params::input_offset

Zero value for the input tensor

Referenced by arm_fully_connected_s8().

int32_t cmsis_nn_fc_params::output_offset

Zero value for the output tensor

Referenced by arm_fully_connected_s8().