CMSIS-Zone  Version 1.2.0-alpha
System Resource Management
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reg_setup[n] element

The reg_setup[n] element contains a sequence of device specific configuration for the setup of the interrupts.

Parent Element Element Chain
system system element
Child Elements Description Type
.reg_setup[n].name The name of the register or array that holds the configuration information. xs:string
.reg_setup[n].index The index value for the register array. NonNegativeInteger
.reg_setup[n].peripheral[m] An array with the peripheral names that setup belongs too. xs:string
.reg_setup[n].slot[m] An array with the slot names that setup belongs too. The value is empty when setup is not related to a slot xs:string
.reg_setup[n].value[m] An array with register setup values (corresponds to .peripheral[m] and .slot[m] above). NonNegativeInteger