CMSIS-Zone  Version 1.2.0-alpha
System Resource Management
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sau[n] sequence element

The sau[n] sequence element lists all SAU regions for initialization in this system.

It lists all SAU regions that require either non-secure access or non-secure callable attribute. The SAU region list is generated from:

  • setup information from /rzone/sau_init/region element
  • memory regions that are assigned to zones with non-secure domain.
  • memory regions that are configured as secure, non-secure callable.
Parent Element Element Chain
system system element
Child Elements Description Type
.sau[n].start The logical start address for the region. xs:string
.sau[n].end The logical end address for the region. xs:string
.sau[n].nsc If set to 1 the region is secure, non-secure callable. SecurityTypeEnum/xs:string
.sau[n].info List of memory regions or info from /rzone/sau_init/region element. xs:string