CMSIS-Zone  Version 1.2.0-alpha
System Resource Management
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/rzone/resources/sau_init element

The /rzone/resources/sau_init element specifies fixed Secure Attribute Unit (SAU) settings required for this system, for example a configuration that is required to access peripherals.

Parent Element Element Chain
resources /rzone/resources element
Child Elements Description Type Occurrence
region Region settings for the SAU. complexType 1..*

/rzone/sau_init/region element

The /rzone/sau_init/region element contains the region setting for SAU initialization.

Parent Element Element Chain
sau_init /rzone/resources/sau_init element
Attributes Description Type Use
Pname The processor that requires this setting. If omitted all processors get this setting. xs:string optional
start The logical start address for the region. NonNegativeInteger required
size The size for the region. NonNegativeInteger required
security Security attributes for this memory region. SecurityType optional
info Brief description of region setting (for comments in source code). xs:string optional